Board of Directors

We are very grateful for our board of directors which consists of men and women who have a wealth of experience to guide our mission, including academics, professional with experience from the world of security, leaders of the kinds of organizations we serve.

Sherry Dingman, PhD is a biological psychologist who has traveled to natural and man-made disasters around the world, including Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Kosovo, Ireland, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq, Mongolia, Pakistan, and China. For three years, she served a representative for the America Psychological Association to civil society at the United Nations.

Vernon Murray, PhD is currently a social marketing professor and is deeply involved in research to combat human trafficking. He has traveled to Australia, Egypt, Europe, and repeatedly to Central America. He speaks English, French and some Spanish.

Ilona Gedutiene, MAS has extensive knowledge of nonprofit operations and international relations. She is currently the government contracts manager at Catholic Charities and Community Services for the greater New York City area. She serves on the Executive Board of the UN Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. She speaks English and Russian.

DeWayne Mason Sr. MS, is a retired Chicago police officer who has worked in the Organized Crime Division as a Narcotics Officer. He served as a deputized member of the FBI’s GRIT task force as a tactical and gang officer. He currently serves as the Executive Director of International American Medical Mission.

Rodney Redmon served as a Military Police Officer in the Marine Corp for 22 years providing Embassy Security. He has extensive experience in South America and Africa. He is now providing safety and security for Strattford County Public Schools.

Daniel Bercu, MD practices emergency medicine in Tennessee and is the President and Founder of Doctors at War, which provides critical medical care to human trafficking victims, helping them to recover from the long-term effects of abuse.

Robert Whittaker, MD is a career mission doctor who began working in Nigeria in 1973. He survived a kidnapping from Nigerian Christian Hospital by attackers who shot him and a security guard in the process. Currently he oversees a clinic in Zambia.

Benny Baker, MA is the executive director of Misión Para Cristo in Nicaragua. He and his wife Donna serve as wardens for the US Embassy in Nicaragua and host dozens of US volunteers each year. The mission works with the indigenous people on the Rio Coco River, the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. He speaks English and Spanish. The mission is no working with a school in Honduras.

Steve Voyen, MBA has worked for many international development organizations in his career. He most recently became the Regional Director of Poverty Solutions, Africa is responsible for the creation, administration and success of World Challenge’s Poverty Solutions missions efforts in Africa. He speaks English and Spanish.

Andrew Baker, PhD. is the Executive Director of the Mitchell Center at Harding University and a professor at Harding University. He sends and takes university students on national and international mission trips.

Harold Harder, Ph.D. was the Founder and President of Blessings International for 32 years. A pharmacologist, former medical school professor and cancer researcher, Dr. Harder founded Blessings International to equip Christian medical mission teams with the life-saving medicines they need to treat the sick, the poor, and victims of natural or man-made disasters anywhere in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from the organization.

Former Board Members.

Daniel Beyda, MD. Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arizona College of Medicine where he directs the Global Health Program and oversees the Ethics Theme. The is Chairman of the Bioethics Committee of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and served as the Director for Mission of Mercy, which provided care for 40,000 children in 16 countries.

Steve Doty served in the Marine Corp and retired from Defense Department Logistics. He is President of Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid, formerly known as World Wide Humanitarian Aid, which he founded in 1998. Currently it has projects in Belarus, Kosovo, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and West Africa. Direct Connect operates on direct service model, which focuses on practical projects that deliver immediate benefits.